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Larry and Lula

Larry and Lula Need a Foster in San Diego
Needs a Foster in San Diego

Needs a Foster in San Diego

UPDATE: 2/5/2019 These two beautiful 1-year-old Shepard mix siblings, Larry and Lula, have been with us for some time now. Imagine you had a baby with a skin allergy, and it wasn’t the most beautiful baby physically but you could see right past the rough skin to the beautiful heart and into the soul through the eyes.
We don’t know their destiny but all we know is SurfersForStrays is sticking by their sides hoping for a foster to come through so they can be near the medical experts who have agreed to help with their case. If you are in San Diego, please help us to get Larry and Lula a foster home there. We are also looking for anyone with any knowledge about Ozone therapy …a possible treatment for them to help boost their immunity.

UPDATE! 12/29/2018 Lula and Larry are now at the vet’s and healing more every day. They should be ready for travel by January 12. As SurfersForStrays shops for their flight to San Diego, we are hoping a foster family in San Diego can step up to help them continue their journey to wellness and happiness.
If you can foster them please contact ASAP.
Please help spread the word and let’s give these fur babies a chance to thrive. Mucho Aloha!

These two easy going pups need a loving foster home in San Diego while they continue to receive treatment for an allergic condition. They are siblings and best friends. Larry loves to run on the beach and Lula loves love. Thanks to a generous sponsor their medical care is covered for life. They need an environment that is stress-free, clean and loving and someone to occasionally provide transport to their vet in North Park for check-ups.

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